Our timeline for the next few years: the short term goal is to rescue all streetdogs on our closed privately owned ground an get them adopted.

DONE – 2012/2013

  • Start pilot project
  • Build shelters
  • Heal dogs
  • Educate pack leaders
  • Train and resocialize dogs
  • Fence off mini-park
  • Fascinate population
  • Start adoption process
SHORT TERM – 2015/2016

  • Present pilot project to Mayor
  • Sponsor & build first Doggy Park
  • Parktours and infos about streetdogs
  • City population starts adopting Parkdogs
  • Media-attention and celebrity collaborations
MID TERM – 2017-2018

  • Film-documentation 
about efforts
  • Educate kids in
 schools about 
  • Cultural rethinking 
takes place
  • Re-integration in
 Romanian society 
as man’s best friend

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