Why you may want to join us.

Noëlle Fueter-Stahel
Noëlle Fueter-StahelFondator

“In and out of hospitals as a child, I was deprived from regular contact with other children, so my family dogs became my best friends. After 15 years as a financial advisor, I decided to act upon my life long passion and show my deep gratitude to streetdogs by contributing to their rescue.”

Anja Mecklenburgh
Anja MecklenburghCFO & Strategy

“Citydogs4Streetdogs is for all people like Noëlle who love their dog as much as their own child and wish to thank them for their unconditional loyalty by helping some of the least fortunate dogs – in a place in the world, where we can drastically change something: the same money that heals one dog in Switzerland, heals ten dogs in Romania…”

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