Our sustainable 7-step-process goes far beyond your normal foster home. These 7 steps make sure that our dogs have a real chance of freedom and the problem can be solved for good on the long run.

1. RESCUE1. RESCUEdogs within their families off the streets and put them into weather safe shelters.

2. HEAL2. HEALvaccinate, medicate and neuter all dogs. Feed and clean all dogs on a daily basis.

3. RESOCIALIZE3. RESOCIALIZEdogs in natural family packs. Teach everyday tasks like walking on a leash and playtime with daily human interaction.

4. REHOME4. REHOMEdogs into organized and guarded public dog parks.

5. ATTRACT5. ATTRACTlocals into doggy parks where they interact and play with dogs. Cultural rethinking: children and parents learn that street dogs can be wonderful animals.

6. ADOPT6. ADOPTrehomed dogs presented ready for adoption on Citydogs4Streetdogs website and in dog-parks. Inform local people about the benefits of adopting a park dog.

7. SUPPORT7. SUPPORTlocal people adopting a park dog. Give free medical advice, daycare-services. Create center of excellence for all dog-related questions.

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