Cum poti ajuta

From only a few seconds of your time to weeks of volunteering. Every effort helps.

1. LIKE1. LIKEus on Facebook, it’s free and only takes a few seconds.

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3. PRAY3. PRAYfor us if you wish – all our dogs can feel your positive energy.

5. DONATE5. DONATEmoney to our cause and help build more shelters, buy food, heal, train and get our dogs a new home.

Du-te dona

2. TALK2. TALKabout us, tell people over dinner, show them our website.

4. COLLECT4. COLLECTSet up one of our donation boxes in your shop, your business, your school.


6. VOLUNTEER6. VOLUNTEERwith us in Romania: heal & train our dogs for a true adventure.

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7. SPONSOR A DOG7. SPONSOR A DOGwith a yearly patronship. It’s the perfect educational birthday or christmas present for kids: they pick a dog to sponsor and see over the year, how their help grows into healthy, happy dogs.

Sponsorizeaza un câine

8. ADOPT A DOG8. ADOPT A DOGfrom our lovely packs. We carefully heal, train and supervise all our shelter dogs. You can find all dogs who are ready for adoption here:

Adoptarea unui câine

9. OFFER A FOSTER HOME9. OFFER A FOSTER HOMEfor one of our dogs to prepare them for the life in a home.

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