Donați prin PaypalDonați prin PaypalThe easiest way to pay.

Use your existing Paypal account and everything is taken care of. If you become a Citydogs4Streetdogs Member, you will benefit from newsletters and updates immediately and we will renew your membership automatically each year until you cancel.

Donate by SMSDonate by SMSAnytime and everywhere in Switzerland.

Send a SMS with the text “Strassenhund” and the amount you want to donate to phone number 488 (eg “Strassenhund5”, if you want to donate CHF 5.-). You can choose amounts between CHF 1-100.-. SMS donation is only possible if you use a Swiss mobile phone provider. If you wish a thank you letter for tax purposes, please send us an e-mail to with your name, address and mobile phone number.

Dona prin card de creditDona prin card de creditUse any major credit card.

Use any major credit card to pay, the way you are used to – if you become a Citydogs4Streetdogs Member, you benefit from newsletters and updates. We will not be able to bill you automatically when the time for renewal has come but send you a friendly reminder.

Donează cu facturaDonează cu facturaThe old school way.

Provide us with your address and we will send you an invoice: Contactați-ne. If you want, to become a Citydogs4Streetdogs Member, you benefit from newsletters and updates. We won’t be able to bill you automatically for the next year, but we will send you a new invoice when the time has come.

MISSION GUARANTEE: At Citydogs4Streetdogs we guarantee that 100% of your donated money goes directly to the dogs. There is zero (and we mean zero) percent overhead in our charity. All back office services, traveling and PR-work is provided free of charge by our founding members and helpers. This means that your money really makes a difference. Every penny actually buys food, shelters, vaccines and real joy. And: you will get 1 on 1 feedback from us, what we did with your money. Citydogs4Streetdogs Echipa

Dona o sumă fixă

Please choose any of the pre-defined amounts and we will take you right along to a secure payment site, where you can pay by Paypal or credit card.

Donate CHF 10.- Donate CHF 50.- Donate CHF 100.- Donate CHF 250.- Donate CHF 500.- Donate CHF 1000.- Donate CHF 5000.-

Deveni un membru

All membership fees go directly to our cause in Romania. The membership is for one year and will be renewed each year. The Citydogs4Streetdogs Membership gives you the following, exclusive benefits:

  • Actualizări periodice cu privire la cauza noastra
  • Invitații la evenimentele noastre de caritate
  • Discounts on selected Citydogs Dog-Art & shop-items
  • Invitațiile de participare la întâlnirile noastre anuale generale
  • A life of joy and happiness 🙂
Deveni un membru

( this link takes you to our new The Dog Rose Website – scroll down to the ‘Join’ section and click the ‘Become a Member’ button )

Dona prin Money Transfer

Please use the following information to make a money transfer from your preferred bank account:

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IBAN: CH350022522510248101F

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