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Citydogs4Streetdogs is an association (Verein is a specific legal entity type existing only in Switzerland and Germany) based on article 60 ff. Swiss civil law. The association has a non profit goal and has been exempt from taxes by the Zurich tax authorities. All annual reports and the actual minutes of the annual general meeting can be found aici.

Citydogs4Streetdogs relies on many professionals who are giving their time and efforts for their unconditional love for dogs. The voluntary Swiss founding and board team is responsible for strategy, communication, budgeting and funding. The professional Romanian team tackles all the daily challenges at the shelter. We are developing a Volunteer and Animal Caretaker Program which allows international helpers to collaborate with our constant team in Romania.


Noelle Fueter-Stahel
Noelle Fueter-StahelFounder, Rehabilitator & Visionary

Noëlle is the founder of Silvertree GmbH which gives services as a financial advisor to high net worth individuals and manages Citydogs, her own dog nursery. Her work within Citydogs is her passion. To be a founding member of Citydogs4Streetdogs is her way to contribute and give thanks to her most important teachers – the streetdogs.

ANJA Mecklenburgh
ANJA MecklenburghFounder & CFO

Anja with her dog Lotty is not only one of the first clients of Citydogs, but also a lady that dedicated her life to helping the less fortunate. Her administrative talents are vital to Citydogs4Streetdogs and free of charge.

Tobias Fueter
Tobias FueterFounder, Web, Media & PR

Tobias is managing partner of stories AG, one of the leading Swiss commercial film production companies. As Noëlle’s husband he is fully equipped in all dog matters as well as responsible for all media matters of Citydogs4Streetdogs. Together with Noëlle he is the proud packleader of their two adopted streetdogs Pipa & Roma.


CAROLINE MEYERSpecial Projects, Fundraising&Adoption

She is a jewellery designer and a big dog lover.
Caroline and her family just adopted Daisy from the Dog Rose shelter.
12 years ago she started her own charity project called Pryia, a children school in North India. The project is a success due to Caroline’s know how in structuring a charity and raising the required funds.
Charity work is Caroline’s big passion and she brings a lot of experience and support to our Dog Rose project.
She is supporting Dog Rose on every possible level.


SILVIA KUNZAdministration

Silvia Kunz, has always been mainly a cat mummy is literally “gone to the dogs” since her first flight sponsor service from Zurich-Bucharest-Zurich (2014) and has since then accompanied nine dogs to Switzerland. In addition, she supports us in various administrative tasks like for example to take care of the three major insertions platforms: Anibis, and Petfinder.


“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.”

Milan Kundera

Pascale Egloff-MICHEL
Pascale Egloff-MICHELAuditor

Pascale Egloff-Michel, Founder & CEO of Confidas Treuhand AG is Noëlle’s accounting firm. Pascale is not only an exceptional professional in her field, but also a lady of heart with the intent to create good in the world. Her services and the services of her firm are offered to Citydogs4Streetdogs free of charge.

ANOUK ESCHLERMaterial Transport

I grew up with dogs and always loved animals. When I met Noëlle and Tobi, I fast became part of Citydogs4Streetdogs-Team and every year I spend a lot of time helping where I can. If helping at the charity event Animal Christmas, setting up Dog Rose or collect donations for humans and animals in Romania. You can always count on my support.

MICHÈLE JAEGERAdoption Program, Training

SUE HESSGraphic Designer

DENISE MARCHETTITransport & Logistics



ALICE ST.Shelter Manager & Veterinarian-in-training

Alice and her great vet team operate our dogs on site. Their medical expertise and kind dedication to our cause are crucial for its success.

DR. GABRIEL A.Shelter Manager & Veterinarian

MARIAN H.Dog Caretaker

OLGA D.Dog Caretaker

Olga lives with her husband on the premises. Olga and her husband own many dogs themselves. Although Olga was told in the past to not take care of the streetdogs living on the property, she did so with whatever she had. This is how Olga and Noëlle met and came to trust each other throughout the year 2011.

MIHAIL T.Dog Caretaker

NICU C.Dog Caretaker

DUMITRU C.Dog Caretaker Weekend


ROBERT C.Șef al Securității

Robert is head of security on the premises. One of the biggest threats for the streetdogs have been the security guards that protect the area. Most of them do not like the streetdogs and treat them badly. Therefore Robert is crucial to our team.

GEORGE-DOMINIC N.Coordonatorul local

George speaks fluent english and is a big help to us translating to the local team. He is a big dog lover. He rescued 6 streetdogs who live with him at home. This is how Olga and George met. George tirelessly supports Olga in her work with the streetdogs bringing sick dogs to the veterinary or hospital, driving around everywhere to find well priced dog food and taking it to Olga as well as helping with water and all organisational matters that are required.

DENIS ST.Sponsor & dog lover, Romania

Denis is one of our major sponsors. He is a passionate dog lover who invests his heart in our project and supports us in many ways, from improving the shelters to making sure, all dogs receive enough food, Denis is always ready to help. Many of the dogs in our shelters were brought up and taken care of by Denis himself.

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